Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Red Powerbrick of Death

After only 3 months of usage my XBOX 360 has experienced problems with not the Red ring of death, but instead the PSU. Who would have thought that the PSU would die after only three months of usage and being kept well elevated from the ground in a cool environment. Fortunately, I was still within the 3 month warranty for supplied accessories as the PSU oddly enough is categorised as an accessory. Therefore, after trying everything on the MS help page for the PSU, I was on the phone to a MS representative presenting my case of dead powerbrick.

Having called the support line, I was greeted with a helpful representative who got me to try a number of things before telling me that my PSU would be replaced by MS free of charge given it was within the warranty period. Soon after they present you with a case ref# and an email with details as to where to send the faulty part to. Fortunately, it was a 'reply paid' address else shipping would have been a good $20 or so given the weight of this thing. Now along with many other customers I am playing the 'waiting' game. I have nothing ill to say about MS' tech support line, as the staff have been most helpful. However, I am heavily disappointed with such a poorly made product given the hefty price tag of the elite console. I will post again with status on the 'waiting period' and customer satisfaction report once I recieve the new PSU. MS, I really like the 360, but you guys need to get your product together if your going to stay ahead in the console department. Looks like Sony has a bright future if MS does not resolve these problematic issues surrounding their flagship console.

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