Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Console + Web Browser

Well it's a new year and hopefully some of you guys are still enjoying the long awaited Christmas/New Years Break of 2008. I know I certainly have, and soon it will be back to 9-6 working days :(

I was just using my PS3's web browser capability and my, do I think it's impressive. Saved my bacon from having to power-up my Pc just to check something as simple as today's forecast. This leads to my next question, as to why the xbox 360 oversaw the capability of an inbuilt web browser?

I know all the fanboys will say that it is not a necessity and that browsing should be left to the PC, but hey..sorry, the added convenience and the sheer fact of a present browser in your next-gen console is at the very least a nice feature. Especially if your PC inadvertently hangs on you and you don't have the dime to replace it just yet. I could give a rat's a$$ if MS had previously mentioned that they would also like to keep the xbox as far apart from the PC as possible, that is not a legitimate excuse to leave such a feature out, where it is existent on other next-gen consoles.

After a dead powerbrick, and a slew of crappy features on the new dashboard. I'm doubting the integrity of this product and can't help but feel short-changed side by side with my PS3.


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