Sunday, March 19, 2017

SD GUNDAM, G Generation Genesis PS Vita Review

In an age where wars are fought by giant robots and galactic spaceships, Planets and stars are conquered by oposing factions and where talented pilots with "newtype" abilities can turn the tide of battle. Welcome everyone to the next instalment in the Gundam 30th anniversary products of games. This instalment sees an exciting new addition to the super-robot war type genre of turn based RPGs. You take on a team of capable gundam pilots and crew as you assist iconic characters in seeking
victory as their stories play out. Fans of the both the Super robot turn based genre and Gundam fans alike, it's time to rejoice as this game makes it to the shelves and online retailers this month.

Starting out, the first thing I would like to mention and give props for is the native translation to english subtitles, I can't help but reiterate and give praise for this move. I've been gaming for a very long long time and have wasted countless hours seeking translations on the net or attempting to piece things together with my basic command Japanese. Hopefully other developers follow suit and realise the potential of the western audience from a business perspective and technology will
only make such moves more and more possible as time goes by.

The real standout is the story and overall presentation of this installment. There is a plethora of Gundam models to experiment with, 650 to be exact as well as the iconic line-up of heroes such as Amuro Ray and Char Aznable. It is simply a Gundam fan's paradise and not to mention the great voice acting, the depth and detail that Namco has invested in this title makes it a worthy addition to any super robot fan's collection. In addition, the graphics are beautifully rendered and this time around you can really see the care they have taken to create solid sprites coupled with classic sonics that every Gundam main stay would recognise, not to mention the cute SD designs. ALthough this may not be everybodies cup of tea, there really seems to be enough in this game to suit even the casuals.

The game itself is rather similar to past turn-based strategy games, and some of the standout features is the way in which you acquire new characters and Gundam production. Players are to participate in the built-in quest system that allows them to accomplish in mission objectives. The quest
tab will offer the conditions required to complete the tasks and once successful, the player is then rewarded with a new character or Gundam production. As these quests are optional, players can either choose to complete them at their own discretion thus making the game feel less of a grind but grants this option to the more hardcore completionists. Combat will be very familiar to turn-based veterans, but at times you are forced to play very strategically based on how much capital you acquired in past missions which will enable you to have more units and better deveoped weapons. You can perform support based attacks with compatible units within range, this also acts similarly when defending. Smart-play will be well rewarded and will be required to tackle higher difficulty
levels of the game.

In conclusion, whilst challenging for newer players "SD Gundam Generations Genesis" is definitely a must play for Gundam fans, there is too much variety and perfect flashback nostalgic moments that will allow fans to relive iconic battles once more. For RPG fans, there is plenty of variety and challenge in progression with the character customisation system in contrast to the "organise unit" system that allows you to develop, design and exchange robots/vehicles with newer variants. There is simply so much to do in this game, and those with the ability to enjoy a slight learning curve will experience a gratifying gundam experience, I can honestly say this installment of Gundam is definitely worth playing just for the smooth fluid graphics and colorful sonics, highly recommended!

EDIT - The only downfall for english speaking players is the DLC is restricted to SE Asia. You can get around this by creating either a Malaysian or Singapore store account. However, you have to do this before you start else your saves will not be transferable between accounts. Happy Gundaming!!!

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