Sunday, January 5, 2014

Update to gaming. Happy New Year! Oshima Yuko and FFXIII-2

Hey all, just want to thank anybody who is visiting the blog and taking the time to read the content I have posted over the last few years. What a journey it has been since I started this blog and I have also personally transitioned over many interests these past few years. If anyone is wondering I will be trying to update this site more regularly now that work is settling down and yes, hopefully a lot more this year. I am still heavily interested in gaming in general so most of the posts will be closely tied to that and my thoughts on games I have played or are going to play. Recently, I have been playing less consoles and more PC games. However, this may change as I got an awesome Christmas present in the form of a PS Vita, and so far so good! I only have Dragon's Crown and Persona 4 so far, but to my surprise this little machine packs some serious hardware, close to that of PS3 standards. For anyone looking into handheld consoles, this one is definitely worth a look, although you may want to pick-up the extended battery as I noticed mine would last roughly 3.5 hours after serious use. Also, I will still be playing my PS3 occasionally and perhaps PS4 once developers release more titles and when I come around to purchasing one. I doubt I will get an XBOX one this time, so I won't be covering any games there.

I am still looking forward to the PS3 title "Final Fantasy XIII-2" Especially after I have learned an Idol from the popular girl band AKB48 (Oshima Yuko pictured with 2 concept designs) has been designing an alternate costume for Serah. In my opinion this is awesome. Yuko is so talented and perfect
, I am sad to hear her announce her graduation from AKB48 as it's forefront most dominant and inspiring member. I will be closely following Yuko in her solo career and wish her the very best of luck and success! Lastly, a very Happy new year to anyone reading this. Thanks for your support and hope to interact with you all soon.

- C

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