Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Borderlands 2 is coming : )

Hey guys, it’s now the middle of the week and it’s time for another update. This time I want to talk about the game borderlands and its long-awaited sequel that will be released mid-September this year. Now, I played the first game significantly cooperative mode with my brother and it was a lot of fun.  We would do end boss runs and pool the equipment we found to build up a very impressive arsenal.

Now from what I can see of the preview it looks as though we are in for a lot more fun and gun shooting adventures with the next instalment of borderlands. I’m glad they are retaining the beautifully cel-shaded graphics because this was a real appealing aspect of the game to me since I last played dark cloud on the ps2. Although there were other games using this style of concept such as “Prince of Persia” No other title had yet impressed me this much until borderlands came along. Another aspect that I am looking forward to is the reworked AI system. Enemies will re-spawn more often and traverse the World; they will also interact with each other promoting aspects of team-work in the new advanced AI of the game. This should add further excitement in contrast to the damage system that will allow enemies to take damage specific to the area where they were injured.

Finally 2K games also released a sweet collector edition of the game.  It took the shape of the signature loot-able borderlands weapons cache. I thought this was definitely a nice touch to what is most likely going to be a phenomenal game. Also, there will be other goodies like a bobble-head figure, cloth map, stickers, steel-book case and of course bonus DLC (digital-download content) I am slightly miffed that I missed this one down-under as the pre-orders for this were sold out very fast. Hopefully I may still have some hope purchasing this at a later stage online.

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Ronnie55 said...

Cannot wait!! the first borderlands game was one of my alltime favorite console games, so the follow-up has high expectations from me!

I haven't played any good games lately, i waste time online playing checkers and Trivia Games and stuff like that. Much rather be playing Borderlands 2