Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing Diablo 3

Hello guys, how is everyone going with Diablo 3? Personally I have slowed down a little ever since hitting inferno mode. The game is great, but feels rather unpolished in regards to the over need to use the real money auction houses are farming for enormous amounts of gold. It just seems that farming for a decent usable weapon is far out of reach due to many factors based on RNG (random number generation) chance. I still enjoy the game and like to jump in once in a while to do certain runs with friends, but taking the time to actually farm and compete with others who readily make micro-purchases from the real money auction house is just very cumbersome for now. In essence, due to time restrictions of the casual gamer, I guess one of the very reasons the real-money auction house was established was based on this very logic. However, when you have over-priced items that are priced well more than they are worth it does become a chore to sift through all the trash to find that diamond in the rough. Mark my words there are many great finds on there, but currently I have neither the patience nor the time to sit there and devote a good amount of my time looking for good purchases. What does everyone else think? 

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