Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guild Wars 2

Greetings all, with so many games on the market, it is difficult to find and decide what games to play especially when it boils down to the time consuming MMORPG's. I myself, like many others have been playing Diablo 3 with a couple of friends. The nostalgia coupled with a new look and feel makes it a great contender for online game of the year. However, unlike World of Warcraft, the simple hack and slash factor to the game does not make it as compelling as other large scale games online. One of which I would like to point out is "Guild Wars 2" Arenanet's highly anticipated title is likely to take the world by storm in a couple of months time, and there is more than many reasons why to pick up and play this mammoth title. The thing that personally appeals to me is the balancing structure of the games player vs player combat and what the developers define as fun. I really like the fact that Arenanet is all about balancing and whilst elitism takes a back-seat to grinding for gear, hardcore players are still able to boast and fuel their E-peens via aesthetics of weapons and armor sets included in the game. Perhaps this won't appeal to all gamers it certainly targets the more "casual" audience and that personally I feel is a very good thing. This should appeal to many mature gamers who simply do not have the time to invest in an online game for hours a day due to other IRL commitments such as family. I don't know about you guys, but I will definitely be giving this one a go!

For you guys who are interested in reading the official ARENANETS' post on "Is it fun?"Click here!

For anyone interested on getting their copy. Feel free to get yours below:

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