Thursday, February 27, 2014

Guild Wars 2 Revisited: In pursuit of the Legendary Sunrise

The Quest for the legendary.

Hey guys, after a long break away from GW2, I have decided to give the game another shot and having returned to my plethora of goodies in my decently stocked bank vault. I decided to bite the bullet and fork out the gold for a precursor on the TP. Now I am well aware of the possibility of precursor crafting, but with this being only a rumor and the large uncertainty surrounding what might be involved I made the decision to buy the "Dawn" great-sword precursor to craft my legendary "Sunrise". I am still extremely excited but feel slightly overwhelmed by the mammoth task at hand. Please bear in mind, I am not investing any real money to buy gems and convert to gold, but doing everything the old fashioned way by grinding it out and farming the materials.

So what is involved? 

Many GW2 players would know the intensive length a player must go to farm the materials and prepare the 3 main gifts that is required to forge the legendary itself. So with precursor in hand I set out on my legendary journey to craft the awesome looking great-sword known as "sunrise". So far, after doing an inventory check on my bank stock. I have all the globs of ectoplasm required and plenty of materials to level both weapon-smithing and armor-smithing to 400, required to craft the gifts required for "sunrise". I have also just managed to craft all my mystic clovers 77 in total and boy was that a task in itself. I crafted one by one as I figured it would potentially increase my chances of attaining a single clover over the proposed 10 method. For those interested it took about just under 250 of all the required materials to craft them factoring RNG, and I also recieved a fair number of tier 6 materials which I will save for the 2 gifts that require 250 stacks on all tier 6 ingredients. I think I am about a third of the way there and already feel exhausted. Please feel free to leave a comment regarding your experiences and stay tuned for the next update. :)

Thanks for reading.

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