Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Update: Quest for Sunrise the Legendary Greatsword (Guild Wars 2)

It's been roughly a couple of weeks since I first stepped off on my journey to create Sunrise, and whilst being preoccupied with the demise of Lion's Arch event. I am back in the grinding seat toward completion of my legendary weapon. I still have a fair means to go if I do not end up giving in and buying the remaining materials off the trading post. However, so far so good... I have completed 4 out of the 8 stacks of tier 6 materials necessary one step at a time. My main source of doing this without having to buy any materials was to farm the "cursed shore" zone. I have slain more risen than I can even begin to comprehend, but fortunately for me I am that grinding kind of guy :) Well so far my main source of income and chance at T6 are the vast amounts of Heavy Moldy bags I collect per run. 
Whilst there is a slim chance of T6 mats it is still there and I find I can get some lucrative drops of T5 materials in them as well as silk scraps. However, if I were to go on this method alone I could be farming for months on end and still struggle to reach my goal of 250 stacks of all 8 T6 materials. Therefore, I also use the drops I get of T5 mats and forge them into the mystic forge for a chance of between 4-10 t6 mats. So what is involved? You need a stack of 50 x T5 material, 1 X T6 corresponding mat e.g. 50 x potent venom sac and therefore 1 x powerful venom sac. Next you need what some people may find difficult to obtain 5 x Crystalline dust and 5 Philospher's stones. The stones are easy and can be purches in stacks of 10 for 1 skill point from Miyani who stands next to the forge in Lion's Arch. The dust on the other hand, can be slightly hit and miss as my current source of obtaining it is from salvaging globs of ectoplasm obtained from salvaging level 76+ rare items. I do my world boss chest runs and with roughly 140% magic find, I find enough rares from mobs to give me a decent number of ectos for salvage. Make sure if  you salvage globs of ectoplasm you only need to use a "basic salvage kit" using anything better does not increase your chances at more crystalline dust. Another advantage for salvaging globs of ectos is the essences of luck that you obtain per salvage. This will in the long run also increase your magic-find as you go. Basically, that's all for what I do to obtain my T6 mats, bear in mind you can also buy the stacks of T5 from the TP when prices are lower, but I have yet needed to do so as I am not in the greatest rush. For more updated information on material prices you can check them at This website is a god-send to track prices if you intend to buy low and capitalise. Thanks for reading folks and see you in the next update :) 


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