Saturday, September 20, 2014

Divinity: Original Sin (Spot Review)

DOS is another one of those games that was made possible via the use of crowd funding through the Kickstarter website. Again, paying homage to the 2D isometric CRPG's that were immensely popular in the mid to late nineties, some such titles that veteran gamers may remember and love are Baldur's Gate and Fallout. DOS proudly carries on the tradition and greatness that games of a genre long past but not forgotten once graced and bestowed us old school gamers with hours of fond memories crafting that ideal build and spoiling the completionist within by learning and completing all the side-quests and missions. If you have your hand on your heart and feel all warm and fuzzy just by reminiscing over those times then DOS is definitely highly recommended to you.
A rewarding part of the game is the impressive loot you acquire throughout your journey. Each chest is entirely random, picking up legendary weapons or unique quality is always welcome :)

This game fantastically showcases isometric turn-based combat system in all it's modern generation beauty and depth. Feel free to play the game how you want to play it, and with each decision you make has a bearing in how you progress through the game. There is a rich dialogue and plenty of side-quests for those of you who would like to commit the extra time to discovering all the secrets and extras the game has to offer. Going onto Classes, the classes are basically templates built toward a certain play style, but you are generally free to customise your character 100% as the game unfolds, meaning you can start as a rogue and change or hybrid into a warrior if you so choose too. This allows for complete control over how you want to play the game and allows you to theory craft and try builds that you would think best suits your play style and role-playing persona. The game does not hold your hand and you can basically complete most aspects in a complete random fashion of your choosing, although for some players this may prove challenging if you prefer to follow a linear story-line. However, by all means do not let this deter you from playing one of the best CRPGs to date. The combat system is ingenious and allows a player control over environment affects, a good example is running a lightning bolt through a puddle of water to stun enemies standing in it.
The game is beautifully animated and the environments are very well designed and thought-up. And as you can see the sonics and spell affects are also equally impressive. Lightning sandwich anyone?

These aspects add great strategy not to mention re-playability for future play-throughs. The graphics are crisp and tidy, I personally really find the overall style appealing although I would have liked a little extra detail in the 3D models but again that is the critical me fantasising the perfect CRPG. I have yet to try the multi-player aspect of the game, but from what I can see, it would play relatively well, and can definitely add value to those players who are up for a good RP session with a friend, although I would have liked to seen more development to the game's decision making system, as the old Scissor, paper, stone game got a little boring after a few hours in.In conclusion, I think the guys at Larian have done a superb job with DOS, and this gem is definitely a title worth playing for generally anyone who likes a good CRPG it's a lot of fun and not to mention immersive. If you are interested you can pick this up on the steam store or from a local retailer near you.

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