Sunday, August 3, 2008

A brighter Diablo III?

Despite an online petition being signed by fans that accumulated over 52, 000 signatures for the redevelopment of a darker themed Diablo. Blizzard has come forth and stated that it was too late to change the current palette unveiled at the E3 demonstration this year. A vast majority of fans were displeased with the new-art style and feel of the demo with much crtiscism towards the cartoony look and brighter palette.

Blizzard does however, ensure that the game will possess the same dark feel as the previous installments and that the color change was to help differentiate a vast number of on-screen sprites. Personally, I feel the new change in direction is for the better as the dark themed setting was getting a little old. Furthermore, the game will still maintain it's dark storyline even though the art-style has been changed accordingly. On a lighter note, the current demo looked very refreshing and it did demonstrate that the game maintained it's original game mechanics of bird's eye view playstyle. Much to my delight, I was afraid with all the new 3d action-rpg's on the market that Blizzard decided to stay true with the game's original workflow. As a fan of the series I will place my faith in Blizzard's hands, so far I am more than impressed with what I have seen. Additionally, it is much too early on to be making any major criticisms on any part of the game, let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope it continues to impress.
The Screenshot is a taste in what we will expect from Diablo III.

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