Monday, August 4, 2008

Dawn of War 2

Coming to our shores soon enough, another E3 teaser... 'Dawn of War 2' Who?, when they were growing up wasn't influenced by some kind of Gamesworkshop product either being simple Warhammer or 40K. Most avid gamers would have atleast heard of the strategic based miniature action game. Fortunately enough, for us guys with sparing cash THQ, Relic have been generous enough to create the Real-time-strategy Dawn of War series based on the Warhammer 40K universe. Clearly we can see that the teaser really portrays the grim warfare of the space marine chapters. As a kid I have always loved the Warhammer universe but could only imagine how it would look if it were a virtual reality. Therefore, I think this trailer is worth a very special honorable mention. Let's just hope for us guys in AU that the OFLC don't get their grubby undeserving mits on this title before it hits our shores. Enjoy!

Dawn of War 2 Trailer @

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