Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fable 2

With the near coming of Fable 2 and it recently being dubbed the most anticipated game at the E3 conference this year by Gamespot, Fable 2 is ready to do some damage amongst the big names of games within the next few months. With its original concept and highly interactive game mechanics, the Fable series forces players to make decisions that influence the flow of the story and tilts the evolution of your character. Lionhead's Creative Director Peter Molyneaux has once again promised to offer us the best RPG ever created and went so far as to mention that this statement was rather bold and unfulfilled with the first game. However, this time around Lionhead studios will likely display a change in the direction of gameplay. Therefore, changing the way the game plays out and forcing players away from a linear storyboard.

One of Fable 2's most promising aspects is the free environment it will offer, you will have many opportunites to express how your character will develop, you can be an adventurer or even opt for a wife and children. It is aspects and gaming innovation such as these that will make Fable a sure winner amongst other more common games of this genre. Finally, a big feature will be it's cooperative mode that will allow a second player to take part in the adventure. Unlike the first game, Fable 2 promises to offer more to the players, something to look forward to is a revamped comat system and social options that help your character interact with other characters in game.

Having been an avid player of the first title I am eagerly awaiting the release date of Fable 2, surely it may not be the most mature/dark themed RPG but it will promise to retain all it's originality and flair that will make this title a sure 'Win' on the Xbox 360. Stay tuned for it's release date on October 23rd 2008 :)

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