Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diablo III

Blizzard has come to us with goodnews involving the release of Diablo III. Like many of you would know Diablo is an RPG which allows a player to choose their character class and play through the game increasing in power as they level up and acquire fantastic items. The items are scaled in terms of the game's difficulty setting. The difficulties could only be unlocked as a player reached certain levels, and the last setting being a real challenge for players who did not spec their characters well enough for the challenge. Now with the coming of Diablo III, I am sure many of you have rekindled your spirits to once again traverse the highly addictive dungeon hack and slash environment to reach the highest ranks of Even though many people will argue that diablo and WOW are two different games and peers of the same company, I do believe Diablo will make it's rightly deserved mark once more.

For you guys who have yet to see Diablo III in its prestages, here it is on, ENJOY! :D

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