Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kotobukiya Superman

Kotobukiya in collaboration with DC comics has brought their incarnation of the 'Man of Steel' to their range of hobby accessories in a powerful PVC combination. The sheer size of this figure further adds to its imposing stature of mid-flight gesture. Superman is excellently crafted and easy to assemble and ready to be displayed right out of the box. His masculine pose in mid-flight is stunning and his posture and poise has been very well recreated to bring this figure to life. Superman hovers a stunning 14" high. His red cloak drapes down his body, and this figure is also quite heavy it feels around 2+ kg. From the production run, it was said that only 3000 Kotobukiya Superman ArtFX statues would be available outside of Japan. THe only problem I can see with the figure is the crafting of Superman's face, I believe more attention to detail could have been addressed here. Finally, The paint job is even and there are little areas to fault on this figure that makes it a winning combination for Superman fans. This is a quality figure release by Kotobukiya and should not be overlooked.

Superman comes packaged in three pieces, figure, cape and stand. The box carries enough detail and a large window packaging for collectors to display within the box.


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