Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fallout 3 Banned in AUS

I have been trying to avoid the subject, as it brings me much grief to accept the fact that Fallout 3 had been refused classification in Australia, due to drug-use. The game apparently inhibits drug use in the form of power-ups and buffs, mind everyone I do not see drug-use as a daily accepted common practice. However, I do believe such strict guidelines to prevent a game being released to many fans of the series is ridiculous. I am speaking on behalf of many gamers that have been waiting for this title since finishing the sequel back in 1999. News of an old-school favourite not reaching our shores due to something as trivial as drug-use in game, is like denying us gamers an important part of our heritage. I am not against the OFLC, I simply do not see eye-to-eye with them on this subject. Is it not possible to create another level of classification for this particular kind of issue? Many gamers are well over the age of 21, and by right are responsible enough to take control of their own decisions in life. Regulations such as OFLC classifications forces the public to live within a controlled environment no different to a cage. You guys may as well just BAN film media all together, as TV/Movies has an equal impact on youth as does games.

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