Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Drill will Pierce the Heavens!~

Today I will write an article on my thoughts of GAINEX's whacky meets space opera adventure known as 'Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann' My initial thoughts when the story first played out was that this was a light hearted comedy adventure that was a timid remake of the confusingly dealt anime FLCL. The anime and character Ideas vastly reminded me of the crazy Furi Kuri released back in 2001. The art style is lavishly drawn with crazy expressions and possesses the same feel as FLCL's initial design team. I was decently impressed with the evolution of the art style as the story progressed as the plot became more dire.

The story is focused around the anime's protagonist known as 'Simon' accompanied by his new found friend 'Kamina' who Simon refers to as 'Aniki' (Japanese Older brother) embark on an adventure to escape the village of Giha located below the world's surface makes up a subterranean civilisation. Kamina who is forever dreaming of the 'surface world with no roof' fills Simon with visions of glory that a bigger and better world exists beyond the confines of the underground village. Simon who is vastly impressed by Kamina's resolve and further influenced when he discovers a large 'face' as well as the 'key' a turn of events that will change his life and begin this epic adventure.

GAINEX has really redefined the 'unexpected' with this title as it characterizes a more than memorable cast with an epic story. For those of you who enjoy Sci-Fi space adventures look no further as Gurren Lagaan has all the niches and makings of a fantastic story of adventure and Super Robots. Fans of the genre will appreciate the crazyness of mecha designs and how the Laganns interact and play a large role in the outlay of the story. For those viewers who are simply looking to experiment or just wanting something 'new', Look no further! for there is something for everyone in this action packed series.

The message behind the plot and the sheer inspirational feeling you get from watching the protagonist 'Simon' subject himself to a dangerous life on the surface world is a great contrast to the development of the other characters who tie and meld his future.

This anime is not to be missed and has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Pick this one up, chances are you'll really be missing something special if you do not.


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