Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kanaru (Shunya Yamashita) PVC

A new release comes from Shunya Yamashita in collaboration with Artstorm to produce a stunningly designed PVC figure of Kanaru from the Lilics series. This figure will be released sometime in October, As seen on the PlayAsia preorder site. You can all see from the detail of this figure this is definite must have for collectors and Yamashita fans. Kanaru has been carefully crafted with stunning features and a most captivating expression. This feature looks absolutely beautiful and like many other people I know, can hardly wait for it to hit the shelves in October 2008. Yamashita has a vivid artstyle, and is best known for his lavishly designed expressions and captivating eyes like those found on Kanaru. Being an ex-NPC designer for Square-Enix and having worked on titles like FFXII, his talent never ceases to amaze me and will most likely continue for future PVC releases. Stay-tuned right now...!!

For those interested you can reserve your Figure here online at PlayAsia, just follow the link :) - Your One-Stop-Shop for Asian Entertainment

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